J. K. SIMMONS & DAVID SIMMONS: Behind the Anger, Impostor Syndrome, Saving Lives & Awards in Art

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J. K. Simmons (Whiplash, Spiderman) joins us this week to share stories from his time in this industry going from waiting tables and scrounging for pizza – to becoming an Academy Award Winning actor and making his name in films like Whiplash, Spiderman, and Juno…

J. K. talks about the love that is behind the anger of many of his iconic performances while going on to tell us what the most fulfilling moment of his career was with the great Aaron Sorkin.

The real treat of this episode was when his brother, David Simmons (The UBU Project) joined us. David talks about being a survivor and how he’s using his experience, recovery, and musical background to save the lives of our youth.

Powerful episode this week folks, hope you enjoy it.

To learn more about the UBU Project visit ( https://ubuproject.org/ ) and if you want to support their mission I urge you to checkout their upcoming benefit concert on Saturday, January 28th ( https://ubuproject.org/ubu-benefit-concert )

0:00 – Intro
3:43 – J. K. Simmons
5:35 – TYFS
8:35 – Audition process
16:45 – Career struggles
20:25 – Ego
23:00 – Upbringing
27:45 – Soap Operas
31:00 – Most fulfilling moment
36:22 – Anger in performance
41:50 – Whiplash stories
48:00 – Awards feelings
51:30 – David Simmons (UBU Project)
53:00 – Love ballads
55:30 – Saving lives
1:00:25 – Depression
1:12:00 – Helping thousands
1:15:00 – Concert
1:17:05 – Outro
1:19:16 – Love these folks


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J. K. SIMMONS & DAVID SIMMONS: Behind the Anger, Impostor Syndrome, Saving Lives & Awards in Art #insideofyou #jksimmons #ubuproject