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In this Brookhaven roleplay, it’s part 2 from the video a TikToker has a crush on me. A little recap on what happened in part 1. Antwon Bieber is a famous TikToker and is walking down the street dreaming of a beautiful and nice girl. As he was walking down the street, he notices Maddy. He immediately has a crush on her because she is so beautiful. He bumps into her on purpose, so she notices him. She doesn’t know who he is, which is even better for Antwon because girls just like him because he is famous. As he has a conversation with Maddy fans are starting to show up. Maddy questions who he is, and he must confess to her that he indeed is a famous TikToker. She doesn’t mind and wants to go on a date with Antwon. On their first date, they go to an ice cream shop and Antwon sings his heart out about how beautiful and sweet Maddy is. Suddenly the paparazzi shows up and snaps pictures. Antwon tries to keep it cool and tells the paparazzi that she is also a TikToker. After Antwon drops Maddy off he can’t stop thinking of her and confirms that he has a huge crush on her. Maddy also has a very huge crush on him, but she wonders if he feels the same. If you want to see how their relationship ends up, you have to watch this video! Part 1 link is below.
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