1A watching Encanto || I’m jk pls- || BNHA/MHA

tick-tock jk

yes, the va that sang Camilo’s part is Kaminari’s Japanese va

Hope you like it 🙂

App used:
Gacha Club

We don’t talk about Bruno – Japanese dub

Some things about me:
Gender? Demigirl
Pronouns? Any
Birthday/age/zodiac? Nope
From? Indonesia
Are you a POC? Yes I’m half Indonesian, half Chinese
Fav MHA character(s)? Kaminari, 1A girls
Most favourite? Kaminari Denki
1. Don’t sexualize me, I’m a minor
2. Don’t repost (crediting doesn’t count as it’s also consider stealing for me)
3. Don’t ask personal information about me
4. Don’t assume things about me
5. Be nice don’t be mean
6. Don’t start ship wars pls /srs
7. Respect all ships (unless it’s kid x minor, minor x adult, etc)
8. Don’t put my videos in compilation! Idc if you give credits, DON’T do it!
9. If you got inspired by my videos make sure to credit me/ib me, i would love to see your work
10. Ask me first if you want to use my vids in reaction
11. Literally don’t spam in any of my comment section, this has happened on my other channel and it was annoying to delete those comments, if you do so you’ll be blocked
12. Use tone indicators pls as i sometimes (often) don’t know if you’re serious or not :’)

You’re allowed to roleplay any of the BNHA/MHA characters in the comment section of my videos as i like reading through it, but you’re not allowed to do any nsfw/18+ stuff (it’s alright making nsfw jokes tho, just make sure to use tone indicators)

Hate/sexual/homophobic/etc (that are mean/rude) comments will be deleted

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My other acc (Krew): https://youtube.com/channel/UCrRlJpb-kG1HIY3VDpgDWkw

Social media:
(Don’t even post here nor often use tbh lol)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MavisMev23?t=tEQZKoRSZe5_DpjG-ORISQ&s=09
(I don’t tweet here tho but I’m often on twt)
(I also don’t upload here but I’m VERY active lmao)